For this project, we were sent in to fix the uneven and rough transition concerning where the roadway and the bridge meet. This transition had sunken over time which caused the roadway to be uncomfortable and unsafe for drivers. We were able to complete repairs on both ends of the bridge in 1 day causing minimal disruption to traffic flow on this busy roadway. For this project we used our Infrared Asphalt Recycler Machine, therefore there was no need for milling. With this technology, we heated the existing asphalt back up to factory standards, and then we add rejuvenating oil, which brought the asphalt back to life. At this point, we were able to rake the asphalt to properly distribute it, and at that time the asphalt is rolled and sealed to create a smooth and long-lasting surface.

  • Client: Town of Clarksville
  • Architect/Engineer: Bradley Cummings- Public Works Director
  • Builder/General Contractor: APC
  • Budget: $5000
  • Expected Start and Finish Dates:Started & Completed on June 1st2017