Our mission is to provide top quality services in a professional manner that reflects the experience of our team and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Story

The mission of Allterrain is to provide top quality services in a professional manner that reflect the experience of our team and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our Sales Manager, Steve Triplett, and his father, Bill Triplett, founded Triplett Striping Inc. in 1982. Striping was the main service the first few years of business which made it a seasonal company. Steve wanted to look for areas of growth in order to become a more versatile and year-round company. He then decided to integrate asphalt paving as a staple service.

After Steve’s father retired from the business, his wife, Maria Triplett then became the President of the company. As a Women Business Enterprise, they continued to grow, and the services branched out. Maria and Steve decided it would be valuable to change the name of the company from Triplett Striping Inc. to TSI Paving. In 2003, TSI Paving added more services to their business in efforts to promote solid growth within the industry. They began performing municipal streetscape restructuring, which included concrete flatwork and curbing. Following this trend of growth, in 2008, they began municipal sanitary sewer repairs. TSI continued to build their name successfully over the next 7 years.  In 2015, Maria was approached with an offer she couldn’t refuse and decided to sell the business.

After 5 months had passed, Maria & Steve’s desire and working nature couldn’t be suppressed any longer.  In 2016, Steve and John Neace started Allterrain Paving and Construction LLC. The vision for Allterrain was to offer comparable services that the company had done in the past, but within a different market than what their previous company had turned their direction to.

In August 2019, Steve expressed an interest in taking a less active role within the company with plans to retire by the end of the year.  With John not being active in the day to day operations of the company, Steve’s wife Maria, who has worked in the industry since 2004, made the decision to again take this opportunity to control the majority shares of the company and become certified as a Women Business Enterprise.  Because of her Hispanic heritage, she also had the opportunity to certify as a Minority Business Enterprise.

Maria’s son, Drew Flynn, has over 10 years at APC as the Paving Foreman/Asphalt Sales.  He shares the same vision for APC’s long-term succession plan of keeping the business in the family.

Today, Allterrain Paving and Construction remains a thriving and reputable business with years of experience. We are a recognized name in the Louisville and Southern Indiana market, offering our experience and exceptional services at competitive prices.

Our services include

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Sealcoating
  • Infrared and Crack Filling Repairs
  • Pavement and Road Markings
  • Concrete Flat and Structural Work
  • Storm Drainage Improvement Projects
  • Sanitary Sewer Installation and Repairs
  • Domestic Water Line Installation
  • Emergency Services

Who we call our customers

  • State and Local Municipalities
  • Commercial Wholesale and Retail Type Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • General Construction Contractors
  • Home and Commercial Builders
  • Residential

Our Team


phone: 502-265-4729


Maria Triplett


phone: 502-773-8953


John Neace

Vice President

phone: 812-392-4090            ext: (2666)


Craig Nance

Chief Financial Officer


phone: 502-931-3779


Stephen Triplett

Sales Director

phone: 502-773-2204


Ed Morris

Vice President Operations

phone: 812-896-3607


Steven Oakes

Estimator/Project Manager

phone: 502-376-4275


Jennifer Jones

Fleet/Equipment Manager

phone: 502-265-4731


Debbie Allen

Administrative Assistant

phone: 502-338-8315


Drew Flynn

Asphalt Division Manager