Our Services

Asphalt Paving

APC offers full line asphalt paving maintenance solutions. APC stands ready to construct or repair your area of need whether it is a parking lot, driveway, or roadway.


APC offers a very valuable pavement preventative maintenance program. APC believes sealcoating is an investment worth making that will give you long-term savings and benefits.

Infrared and Crack Filling Repairs

APC offers our latest technology advancement for repairing asphalt. We use an Infrared machine to heat up and recycle existing asphalt to eliminate the need of milling, additional equipment and material.

Pavement and Road Markings

APC offers expert striping and marking projects whether it is a roadway or parking lot of any size.

Concrete Flat and Structural Work

APC offers flat and structural concrete work for residential, commercial and municipalities. Concrete is a durable material that will last a very long time making it a valuable investment.

Storm Drainage Improvement Projects

APC offers installation, repairs, or replacements of all storm drainage-type structures. Investing in drainage infrastructure reduces risk of floods, improves surface water quality, protects public safety and enhances the community.

Sanitary Sewer Installation and Repairs

APC offers installation and repairs for sanitary sewer systems. Installing sanitary sewers is beneficial because they transport sewage and municipal wastewater only, which eliminates combined sewer overflows.

Domestic Water Line Installation

APC offers professional and qualified installation and replacements of domestic water lines. We have completed projects for new subdivisions, commercial business’s and municipalities.

Emergency Services

APC offers emergency services for municipalities. We are dedicated to our surrounding cities by offering emergency services so we can help keep the public safe.